What Do I Need To Make Vape Juice?

If you are a vaper that is considerably new into the fascinating world of vaping, then there is a chance that you have only been vaping e-juices that have already been manufactured and most likely steeped. You may just be missing out on one of the most colorful aspects of vaping – DIY. This is basically making your own vape juice. What this does for you is to allow you the freedom to be creative with your flavor profiles, get the exact nicotine strength you need, and even tweak the amount of vapor and the thickness of the vape juice to your preference.

Making your own vape juice means that you must be conversant with many of the terms used in vaping, especially the ingredients used in vape juice and the supplies you need to make the mixing possible and accurate.

What Do I Need to Make My Vape Juice?

First of all, before you begin making your vape juice, you should know that DIY vape supplies are safe and easy to work with. They not only help you get accurate measurements, they also protect your body from harm, especially if you are working with nicotine. So DIY vape supplies are an important part of making your own personalized vaping product. Here is all you need to get you get you started on your DIY vape journey.

First, you need the ingredients:

What Do I Need To Make Vape Juice?
  • Vegetable Glycerine (VG)

Vegetable Glycerine (VG) is a clear and viscous liquid. On its own, VG has a sweet taste without any odor. VG is a very popular base ingredient used in vape juice because it is responsible for giving the vape juice a thicker and for producing dense vapor clouds. It also delivers less throat hit than Propylene Glycol. When used in high quantity, it makes a vape juice perfect for sub-ohm vaping.

  • Propylene Glycol

Propylene Glycol is the second base ingredient in vape juice. Unlike VG, it is not viscous, but PG is odorless. It is a federally approved additive, and it is not as popular because unlike VG, many vapers find that they are allergic to PG.

  • Flavoring

This is where you get to unleash the vape artist in you. Just make sure you buy quality flavorings meant for vaping. You can follow a recipe, or freestyle and see what your imagination will have in store for you. You can get flavoring that are designed to be perfect for DIY vape juice from flavorah.

  • Nicotine

This is not an essential, after all, some vapers prefer the multiplicity of flavors to a strong nicotine hit. However, if you will be adding this, then make sure to be careful.

How About the Supplies?

Good question! DIY vape supplies include:

  • For Taking Measurements

Some examples of these are syringes (make sure to have one for every ingredient you will be mixing), Graduated Cylinders, and Pipettes.

  • For Storing your DIY Vape Juice

This is once you are done mixing your vape juice. You will need storage bottles. You can either buy quality plastic bottles which are cheaper and advisable for beginners, or you can buy the more expensive bottles. This is a matter of choice though.

What Do I Need To Make Vape Juice?
  • For Protection

Most vapers do not think this is necessary, but if you are going to be meddling with chemicals, it is only safe and advisable to wear safety equipment. When mixing vape juice, you must be concerned about your skin and your eyes. This is because chemicals like nicotine are easily absorbed by the skin, which may end up in an unpleasant reaction. If it’s that bad, then you definitely do not want it to get to your eyes. So make sure to wear face shields to protect your eyes, and gloves to protect your hands.


With all these DIY vape juice supplies, you will surely be feeling like some big bad scientist working in a laboratory. If you have not delved into the world of DIY, you do not know the colorful and satisfying world of personalize vaping that you may just be missing out on.

For all the DIY vapers out there, if you want to make quality vape juice, then you must make sure you have the best diy vape juice supplies. A good number of vapers have the notion that making your own vape juice is hard and almost impossible to get right. What these ones do not yet know is that making your own vape juice is not as hard or impossible. It does not involve any professional knowledge of chemistry at all, it is just you measuring and mixing until you get what you are looking for – simple addition and subtraction really.

Michael Scott
Michael Scott