Vape Deals On The Best Vape Juice, Get In While You Can!

Bargains are hard to come across. You value quality, but when you find quality for a great deal you can’t help but feel like the deal master. Does that  sound like you? Do you vape? If a deal with value is something you’re always on the prowl for then you’ll want to hear some sensible words, and here’s why –

You’ve Never Seen A Vape Deal Like This

Vape-Box, as most of you know, provides premium e-liquid at bargain prices with one main objective; to help people become and stay tobacco free. Vape Box knows there is nothing fun about cigarettes. Which is why Vape Box are thrilled to announce some major changes that will make your experience better than ever!

They’ve poured in hours trying to create a system like nothing else out there. This is truly unique to the vape world, and created just for their VB family! So what’s the added value you ask?

Find The Best Ejuice At Your Fingertips

As you may have heard, Vape box recently released their updated flavor profile. Enter tags into your profile, and they are able to tune into your taste buds with detail, giving you more vape juice you’ll love!

Like many of you, I spend a lot of time on Pandora “liking” the music I discover and really enjoy. Imagine you could do the same with the e-liquid you absolutely love because now you can!

So when you come across that e-juice you fall in love with, all you need to do is give it an upvote! You can then expect to enjoy more e-juice flavors just like it and more frequently! Who says there is too much of a good thing? Rubbish.

Conversely, the same applies for down voting. This works by assigning points to the flavors you do and don’t like. So if you like cream, but hate vanilla, upvoting cream and down voting vanilla will change your profile accordingly. Let’s cheer for better e-juice you’re gonna fall in love with! This is amazing!

Vape Flavors You Want. When You Want

Now get this… Like Pandora, you are able to create “stations” of boxes you’d like to receive. So if you’re feeling like fruit is the e-juice flavors you’d like to get next month, no problem! They’ll send you a box full of fruity goodness that has been tailored to your preferences based on your flavor profile and what you’ve voted on. The idea is to give you even more, control over what you get in the box than ever before!

Between the flavor profile, and the new flavor voting feature, getting the e-liquid you want is down to a science! The ultimate goal of implementing all these new features is to keep the experience fun, easy, accessible, and affordable.
Another Amazing feature will surely be a favorite, as you get to “favorite” the flavors you want to see again!

Keep in mind that if you opt to include a specific flavor and brand in your next vape starter kits, there will be an additional charge as this would be viewed as a retail purchase instead of a Vape-Box.

Vape Deals For The Family

So what’s the catch to these awesome new features? Well,  Vape-Box feels compelled to stick with their vape family who helped them to grow into who they are today, and are very humble for that. Which is why current Vape-Box family members will NOT be charged anything additional for these amazing new features!

The additional cost will be somewhere near $20 per month, so no serious hike here. As I mentioned before, one of our goals is to make this experience affordable. Vape-Box hates raising rates and avoid it like the plague. However, to offer these amazing new features, Vape-Box cannot afford old rates.

So here’s the deal they’re gonna make to anyone who has yet to join the family. These new rates is now going on, and becoming a VB family member before then will lock you into the current vape box rate. Don’t worry, you’ll still get all the new features I pointed out earlier!

If there is someone you know who’s been thinking about joining the Vape-Box family, let them know about this offer so they can get in with the current rates!

Sampler Plan- $20/mo

  • at least 45ml of e-liquid
  • 3+ bottles of e-juice
  • Member-only discounts

Juice Lovers Plan-$32/mo

  • at least 75ml of e-liquid
  • 4+ bottles of e-juice
  • Member-only discounts

Enthusiast Plan- $60/mo

  • at least 75ml of e-liquid
  • 4+ bottles of e-juice
  • 1-2 hardware and/or accessories
  • Member-only discounts

What It Means To Vape-Box, And You

The credit actually goes to the Vape-Box social activities, that has made them into the premier online vape shop they are today. Vape-Box believes their family members should get everything they want, and great feedback allows them to do that!

What do you think about these new features? What else would you like to see in your Vape Box monthly subscriptions? They are always waiting and to know how we can make the experience all the sweeter!

For all the good things to come, cheers!

Live Long, vape on!

Michael Scott
Michael Scott

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