Tance Pod Kit by Eleaf Review

The Tance is one of the latest devices from Eleaf, and it is one of the best pod kits on the market today. Although the Tance is a basic device, but it gives you some control over your vaping. If you want a device that is just as simple to use as the Juul, but one that comes with a refillable pod and adjustable airflow, then the Eleaf Tance is a great option.

The Eleaf Tance pod kit is quite small. It has a dimension of 95.5mm by 24mm by 14mm. You can easily conceal it in the palm of your hand. It fits easily in your pocket or bag too. The Tance is made of zinc alloy, and it feels very durable. The edges of the devices are smooth, and the different components fit together easily. The battery and pod of the Eleaf Tance have a magnetic connection that holds them together. You simply need to slide the pod into place, and it locks in without any rattling. When you fit both components together, the LED light on the device flashes.

The Tance pod can hold 2ml of e-juice. The pod has a bottom filling design. You need to turn the pod upside down and squeeze the tip of your bottle into the refill port, which is next to the magnets. Once you remove your bottle tip, the port automatically closes without any leaking. The pod is semi-transparent so you can see exactly how much e-juice you have left at all times. The Eleaf Tance is suitable for vaping both nic salts and freebase nicotine e-liquids.

The mouthpiece of the Tance is built into the pod and is flattened, so it feels comfortable. You can use this device for several hours without any inconvenience. The pod of this Eleaf device comes with a 1.2ohm Nickel Chromium Alloy coil. The flavor intensity of this device is quite remarkable. You will get a mouthful of thick clouds with every puff. Also, it has a smooth throat hit.

The Eleaf Tance pod kit comes with a non-removable 580mAh battery. The battery capacity is outstanding for such a basic device. In comparison, the Juul has a battery capacity of 200mAh. The Tance is draw-activated and does not come with any button. There is a single LED light on the battery, which serves as the battery life indicator. When you take a puff, the light shows green (when the battery capacity is around 100 percent and 20 percent) or red (when it is 20 percent or below). The charging port is located under the device. The Tance does not support pass-through so you cannot vape while it is charging.

Since the coil of the Tance is not removable, you need to change it occasionally. You can get a pack of five replacement pods at the Eleaf World online store for about $14.50 to $17.25. The full pod kit costs about $23.19 to $27.60. The Tance is available in six different colors, namely Scarlet, Black Streak, White Streak, Macaron, Black, and Star.