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Halo Kringle’s Curse E-Juice Review

Peppermint lovers, rejoice! You will surely go gaga with Halo Kringle’s Curse e-juice that tastes just like peppermint candies. Prepare your mouth for a strong, cooling, and sweet taste with all the possible distinct peppermint flavor there is (yum!).

The Kringle’s Curse is a part of Halo’s gourmet range. If you are a menthol or mint lover, then you should really give this a try. It has no underlying tobacco taste, leaving your mouth craving for more. (Visit http://nzecigstore.co.nz)

The e-liquid is stored in a nice and sturdy 30-ml glass bottle. It is tinted in dark blue, to protect the content from UV rays. It displays a label of important data like nicotine level, toxic warnings, ingredients, expiration date, and lot numbers. Snatch a good price deal of the Kringle’s Curse for only NZD $29.99 at NZ Ecig Store. It is available in different nicotine strengths.

Aside from its undeniable delicious taste, one of the things I love about its bottle is the cap. The cover also serves as a dropper and contains volume markings. This feature allows me to not only refill the tank easier but also pour on the exact amount into an atomizer. Thanks to this, there is no more fumbling with plastic needle caps.

On the inhale, you will taste a very distinct yet subtle mint burst (as if you are chewing a mint leaf, in case you have ever tried doing that). Throat hit is impressively soft even when mod is set at higher temperatures. It leaves you a some kind of cool sensation throat hit instead of a burning or sharp one.

Meanwhile, the exhale will give you most of the flavor. Expect a dry and a little bitter mint in your mouth or nose. Don’t worry, a taste of subtle sweetness with a hint of chocolate follows thereafter. This is so smooth it lingers in your mouth – definitely a perfect all-day vape.

This blend is a perfect balance between vapor production and flavor. It will also less likely knock you out because of the icy cool menthol effect. But hey, Kringle’s Curse is NOT a weak menthol, okay? The peppermint is there but not overwhelming. There is also a cool aftertaste with a fading minty flavor. This will sure leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean after vaping.

The Halo Kringle’s Curse is a high vegetable glycerin e-juice. However, it remains subtle and smooth even if you take a long vape from it. And on the lung level, it also sits gently and gives the same cooling sensation.

This e-juice can be a perfect mixer too. You can add a more menthol effect on other mint e-liquids or give other flavors that subtle mint flavor. You can experiment all you can; be curious and creative!
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If you have ever tasted CoolMist, the Halo Kringle’s Curse bears some resemblance to it. But the former is more of a sweet and milk type, while the latter is less sweet but more intense. Another thing I like about Kringle’s Curse is the aroma it produces. It smells exactly what it tastes like… a liquified candy cane. Christmas surely is just around the corner!

Overall, the Halo Kringle’s Curse is perfect for those who are hunting for something more intense than the usual blends. It will suit those who have sweet tooth as well. Its delightful peppermint flavor produces immense vapor and a strong throat hit.

Behind this absolute flavor is the American company Halo. It is one of the leaders in the e-cigarette and e-liquid industry, offering products like e-cigarette tank systems, starter kits, cartomizers, batteries, and other accessories. Its e-liquids are available in different tobaccos, menthol, and other gourmet or dessert flavors.

This flavor is one of the best-selling e-juices on the market today and is definitely a one-of-its-kind dessert flavor that you have never tasted before. If you want some concrete proof on how good it is, well, let me just say that the Halo Kringle’s Curse is a recipient of the Spinfuel Choice Award.

Now, I will leave everything for you to decide. Just head on to https://nzecigstore.co.nz in case for a good deal.