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The Custard Factory Vanilla Custard E Liquid Review

With so many delicious custard-infused blends available on the market today, I think it feels so rewarding to finally find the one that will suit your taste. I was on that well-worth exploring quest, and I would like to share to you one of my discoveries. The company is quite small so I bet not many of you have known about this e-juice. I am loving it by far that’s why I thought this will be worth sharing here. Allow me to introduce to you the Vanilla Custard e liquid by The Custard Factory, a product brought to you by the Dynamic Creations.

This Custard Factory vape juice is described as “a no frills flavored juice of frosted vanilla cream and hints of butter. This juice leaves you craving a cream puff stuffed with vanilla custard.”

The flavor profile is quite short and I guess you are starting to wonder what makes this stand out from the rest of the vanilla custards. For one, I am super loving the creaminess, richness, smoothness, and warmness of this flavor. It feels like I got myself an all-in-one package. While you may think that it is solely based on vanilla and custard alone, the hints of butter add some character to the juice. Not only that, it also places this blend a step ahead from other vanilla custard brands.

You will be welcomed with the rich and smooth buttery custard taste on the inhale. Then, the delicious vanilla taste starts to come in and brings the flavor into a whole new level. Amazingly, when all these flavors mix up, they create a vanilla custard vape that feels oh-so good upon exhale. Take note though, this entire flavor is actually being overlaid with a general sweetness. This e-juice is really good and it feels like you have really eaten the dessert, just deduct the supposed caloric intake.

In terms of vapor and cloud production, the Vanilla Custard by The Custard Factory performs excellently. It has a ratio of 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol. It for sure leaves a pleasant room-note. Clouds are pretty decent and dense, and do not disperse easily. This juice gives a smooth and pleasant throat hit. What’s more, you do not have to worry about that nose burning sensation other brands will leave you with.

This premium vape juice is available in three different nicotine concentration levels – 6 mg, 3 mg, and 0 mg. As you can see, the 6 mg of nicotine bears the highest. This is suitable for those who want to get the strongest throat hit this flavor can offer. Many says this is too low compared with other brands that reach up to 24 mg, but this is already more than enough for most vapers like myself. The 3 mg of nicotine version is recommended for average vape users and those who are new to this field. And the 0 mg of nicotine version aims to cater those who are looking for a guaranteed nicotine-free blend.

You can snatch an awesome deal if you get a bottle of this Vanilla Custard e-liquid by The Custard Factory online. Get a 30-mL bottle for as low as $15.99. This is pretty cheap as other online shops sell this to up to $20. Save some bucks and head on to this website

Before I forget, did I mention how cute is packaging is? I mean, it is more of a minimal design but I love it still. The e-liquid is stored in a tinted glass bottle with a black dropper and child-resistant cap. For an A-type person like me, the dropper cap is really helpful to avoid messing up with the e-juice when transferring from the container to the atomizer. The child-resistant, on the other hand, is basically self-explanatory. It’s to prevent kids from messing up with your vaping business. The label also contains important details about the product.

Overall, my two thumbs are up for this Vanilla Custard e-liquid by The Custard Factory. Its flavor is not your typical vanilla custard blend as it has its own character and notes to boast about.

Meanwhile, The Custard Factory has three other custard-based flavors available on its lineup. You can pair your sweet creamy custard with choices including cinnamon, peanut butter, and butter scotch.