Review: M3 E-liquid from Northland Vapor Company

One night I was surfing the net and randomly searched for interesting new e-liquids to try out. I stumbled upon this flavor in one of the reviews I saw online and judging by what I read, it was one that I must try out. I’m a sucker for melon flavors and a cooling sensation, so this one’s a no-brainer. I ended up doing some online shopping and their company offers a good range of flavors at very reasonable prices. I was able to get a 20% discount code just by watching a TIA video that they have on their website! It is only available until June 20th so I would recommend getting it before it expires. So, I bought the M3 (Moderately Minty Melon) flavor from Northland Vapor, and I got them after two days. I peeked through their website now and saw a few good bargains at 15% off. At first, I thought they’ve been going on sale to get rid of old inventory, but I realized they’re freshly handcrafted and the company is relatively new. That explains why they are aggressive on the marketing initiatives. Nevertheless, some pretty good stuff they’ve got both economical and high quality.

Flavor Review:  M3 (9/10)

This e-juice is 100% what I expected, it made me like melon flavors all the more. The mixture is an excellent fusion of watermelon and honeydew. It is very smooth and not overly sweet. I can say that there is something special with this premium e-juice. This e-juice gives off a menthol coolness as you exhale. I’ve been grabbing this flavor and been vaping it as if there is no tomorrow. For me, this is one of the best from Northland. It tasted natural with the honeydew and melon flavors bursting in your mouth as you exhale. The overall taste is very refreshing and is not too much for my senses.

Aroma Review:  M3 (8/10)

Having this kind of juice is like having a little splash of summer. With the moderately melon minty effect, it refreshes me and not to mention; the scent is always on point. It is very pleasing and light. No wonder this flavor is one of their best from their collection. What also convinced me to buy this set are the overwhelming number of good reviews I’ve read online. I guess the scent brings the vaping experience a little further up; it just simply completes it. From the smell to the taste, honestly, it doesn’t disappoint.

Vapor Review:  M3 (9/10)

With 86VG, no one can question the thickness of this e-juice. I like having this one with my dripper as it the taste remains bold and natural while giving me the cloud production I like best. While enjoying the best throat hit and taste at the same time, the vapor production is out of the question. It creates a thick, dense cloud but the flavor I need is still present. It delivers and gives the right amount of cloud at 35W, with full airflow, from a .5ohm coil.

Northland Vapor’s e-liquids are very light to my tanks as I also bought two other flavors named Jungle N°4 and StrawYUM. Not like other brands which give me a headache cleaning my tank, this one is clean and light. With their right mixture of VG and PG that is just right for me, I am very happy I came across this brand for my e-juice. It makes me enjoy my vaping experience some more almost to the tendency of chain vaping like crazy. As I mentioned earlier, the company also has special deals every now and then. Go subscribe to their newsletter and get a 15% discount on all orders. I got my first batch on sale, and when I took a peek on their website earlier, I saw some sale items. They do not just carry juices, but they also offer hardware such as mods and tanks, batteries and chargers, and some accessories. I would say they give the best value out of your money. Plus, the shipping was pretty fast, and user interface on the website is very easy to navigate, too. I’m not a fan of those dark and moody feel of web pages because it gives off a heavy vibe unlike NVC’s website, it is very light and airy. The colors are vibrant and clean to the eyes. In summary, I will give the company an A rating.

Michael Scott
Michael Scott

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