Phix Starter Kit Review

The Phix Starter Kit is a small closed system that looks similar to Juul pods. It was developed by California-based Major League Vapers. The Phix Starter Kit may look like a Juul device from afar, but they are quite different. This device is just as portable as a Juul vape kit but sports some additional features like its magnetic charging cord, patented ceramic coil heads, and 1.5ml e-juice pods.

The Phix Starter Kit is one of the best pod mod systems that you will find on the market. The fact that the device uses a ceramic coil head means you will get clean and cool vapor. It also has that restrictive draw which smokers of tobacco cigarettes like so much.

The Phix Starter Kit is slightly bigger than most of the pod mods you will find on the market. Its dimensions are 110mm by 18mm by 10.75mm. The kit has a unique diamond-rhombus shape. It comes with a 280mAh battery which provides a maximum wattage of 3.7v. While the battery of the device is quite small, its performance is impressive. When the battery is full, you can get up to 220 hits from this vaporizer before you need to recharge it. Depending on how frequent you vape, this could mean going the whole day on a single charge. The device comes with a magnetic charger. However, it does not support pass-through so you cannot vape while it is charging.

The Phix Starter Kit is draw activated, so you will not have to bother yourself with things like wattage and resistance. There is a LED light that flashes each time you take a hit. The light also comes on when you connect this device to the charger.

To assemble this Phix Kit, you simply need to connect the pod to the battery. The device comes with a magnetic connection, so it is simple and secure. One of the things that make this Phix vaporizer special is that you have several e-juice flavors to pick from. The e-liquids for this kit were created by Brewell MFG. The package includes just one pod; the Original Tobacco blend. The other vape juice pods you have to pick from are Hard Strawberry, Spearmint, Butterscotch Tobacco, Ice Tobacco, and Mixed. Each pod contains 5 percent nicotine, which is quite high for the average vaper. Also, be warned that Brewell MFG used salt-based nicotine for these blends, so they pack a hit. It is advisable to take it slow, or you will get a strong nicotine hit. While the pods look small, they will last you for a while. Each pod contains 1.5ml of e-juice. You will get between 400 to 440 puffs from a pod before you have to replace it.

This Phix vaporizer comes with cCELL ceramic coils which have a resistance range of 1.4 ohms to 1.5 ohms. The e-juice flavors in Phix pods are quite good. If you have tried any e-juice from Brewell MFG, then you know that this company is all about making top quality blends.

You will not get a lot of vapor when using the Phix Starter Kit, but the flavor does not disappoint. Where this kit performs well is throat hit. The Phix has a really tight draw that makes it feel as though you are smoking a tobacco stick. It goes without saying that this vaporizer was created for mouth-to-lung vaping.

The Phix Starter Kit is available in many online vape shops. You can get it on Ejuice Deals for $35. A pack of four Phix vape pods is going for about $22.99 on most vape stores. This is quite pricey, but it is worth it. Some vapers have figured out a way to make the Phix pod refillable. However, it is not advisable to do so.

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