Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer Review

Extreme Q 4.0 is one of those digital vaporizers that everyone should see. Why? Only because its one of the best and when you see how much they’re selling for, you just might be compelled to pick one up for yourself. Beyond having a good price, they’re also one of the most versatile systems. The more expensive viVape 2 is the only other desktop vape that I’ve used which can do both the bags as well as the whips.

That’s something that not even the Volcano vaporizers can pull off, at least not yet. Being able to switch between filling vapor balloons and pumping vapor through the whip is an excellent option that more vaporizers should adopt. The vaporizer bag system that it uses isn’t the most sophisticated or elaborate, but it gets the job done. A simple Extreme Q mod involving the application of a simple hose clamp can take the bag system to the next level by preventing vapor from leaking out of the bag while it’s not in use.

While all it takes is a finger over the hole to keep it shut, this modification makes it that much more convenient and puts it on a level with the viVape and Volcano. Honestly, though, the Volcano vaporizers have the best valve systems and are the premiere bag vaporizers in my opinion. The viVape 2 has a valve in play so it’s a little bit nicer than the Q, but the higher cost has me leaning more in the direction of the Q for the most part.

The Dynamics of a Multi-Functional Vaporizer

Simply put, the Arizer EQ allows you to choose your experience. This unit allows you to experience its thick, luscious, and flavorful vapor in any of the following ways:

  • Whippet and enjoy your vapor through the Direct Draw method with the included long 3′ Whip.

  • The Forced Air Assisted Whip method offers you lungs a day off. Through this approach, the EQ’s fan generates and delivers flavorful vapor through the included Long 3′ Tube.

  • Forced Air Balloon Deliver doesn’t just blow hot air. By attaching the Balloon component, you simply have to sit back while the Extreme Q’s fan automatically fills the balloon with the vapor of your favorite aromatic blend. Once the balloon full, just detach the balloon and enjoy your vapor.

Loaded with Features

The Extreme Q is all about options. You can manage the functions through the remote that comes with the vaporizer or by changing the settings on the digital display located on the unit. Instead of having preset temperatures, you can adjust the temperature in one-degree increments, ranging anywhere from 122°F to 500°F. (50°C through 260°C) As an added safety feature, if you forget to turn your Extreme Q off, the user-set the automatic shut-off feature allows you to control how long you want your vaporizer to stay on after being idle.

Ready to Rock Out of the Box

The Extreme Q utilizes the state-of-the-art ceramic heating element to deliver an energy efficient vaporizing experience. Best of all, it only uses glass-on-glass parts that provide you with the cleanest and smoothest vapor.

What’s in the Box

  • Extreme Q Vaporizer (Latest Model)
  • Remote Control
  • 2x Glass Cyclone Bowls with Flat Screens
  • Pre-Attached Long Whip for Direct Draw
    – 3′ Whip Tubing
    – Glass Whip Mouthpiece
    – Glass Elbow Adapter with Dome Screen
  • Pre-Attached Mini Whip for Balloon
    – 3″ Whip Tubing
    – Glass Elbow Adapter with Dome Screen
  • Balloon Assembly (One Pre-Assembled)
    – 2x Balloons
    – 2x Glass Balloon Mouthpieces
    – 2x O-Rings
  • Glass Stir Tool
  • Screen Pack
    – Flat Screen
    – Dome Screen
  • Glass Whip Mouthpiece
  • Glass Potpourri Dish with Potpourri Sample
  • 110/220V Power Supply
  • User Manual

Additional Convenience

Extreme Q 4.0 By ArizerAnother aspect which makes these Extreme Vaporizers that much more convenient is the remote control that every one of them comes with. The remote lets you change the temperature, turn the whole thing off and on, adjust the fan, and some other things. Something else that’s definitely convenient is the ability to turn the sound on and off. The beeping noise that it makes became annoying to me after a while and so I was glad to know that I could turn it off. I also stumbled across the ability to switch the temperature mode from Celsius to Fahrenheit, which made it easier to use. An extra long whip is also available for those who want to kick back with the whip and vape, but it’s too long, so you have to cut it down to a more appropriate size. If you turn the fan on, the longer whip does work alright but I’ve found the regular length whip to work best.

Buying Extreme Q

Arizers Extreme Q vaporizer is one that I highly recommend. The company behind the unit doesn’t just make one of the best digital vaporizers for the desktop, they also make one of the best portable vaporizers. These Canadian fellas know how to design a good vape and get the cost down to something reasonable. For the most bang for your buck out of any vaping system I’ve used, buy the Extreme Q. You can buy it online from this store which happens to be one of my favorite vape shop on the internet.

BUY IT NOW for only $199.95!

Review: M3 E-liquid from Northland Vapor Company

One night I was surfing the net and randomly searched for interesting new e-liquids to try out. I stumbled upon this flavor in one of the reviews I saw online and judging by what I read, it was one that I must try out. I’m a sucker for melon flavors and a cooling sensation, so this one’s a no-brainer. I ended up doing some online shopping and their company offers a good range of flavors at very reasonable prices. I was able to get a 20% discount code just by watching a TIA video that they have on their website! It is only available until June 20th so I would recommend getting it before it expires. So, I bought the M3 (Moderately Minty Melon) flavor from Northland Vapor, and I got them after two days. I peeked through their website now and saw a few good bargains at 15% off. At first, I thought they’ve been going on sale to get rid of old inventory, but I realized they’re freshly handcrafted and the company is relatively new. That explains why they are aggressive on the marketing initiatives. Nevertheless, some pretty good stuff they’ve got both economical and high quality.

Flavor Review:  M3 (9/10)

This e-juice is 100% what I expected, it made me like melon flavors all the more. The mixture is an excellent fusion of watermelon and honeydew. It is very smooth and not overly sweet. I can say that there is something special with this premium e-juice. This e-juice gives off a menthol coolness as you exhale. I’ve been grabbing this flavor and been vaping it as if there is no tomorrow. For me, this is one of the best from Northland. It tasted natural with the honeydew and melon flavors bursting in your mouth as you exhale. The overall taste is very refreshing and is not too much for my senses.

Aroma Review:  M3 (8/10)

Having this kind of juice is like having a little splash of summer. With the moderately melon minty effect, it refreshes me and not to mention; the scent is always on point. It is very pleasing and light. No wonder this flavor is one of their best from their collection. What also convinced me to buy this set are the overwhelming number of good reviews I’ve read online. I guess the scent brings the vaping experience a little further up; it just simply completes it. From the smell to the taste, honestly, it doesn’t disappoint.

Vapor Review:  M3 (9/10)

With 86VG, no one can question the thickness of this e-juice. I like having this one with my dripper as it the taste remains bold and natural while giving me the cloud production I like best. While enjoying the best throat hit and taste at the same time, the vapor production is out of the question. It creates a thick, dense cloud but the flavor I need is still present. It delivers and gives the right amount of cloud at 35W, with full airflow, from a .5ohm coil.

Northland Vapor’s e-liquids are very light to my tanks as I also bought two other flavors named Jungle N°4 and StrawYUM. Not like other brands which give me a headache cleaning my tank, this one is clean and light. With their right mixture of VG and PG that is just right for me, I am very happy I came across this brand for my e-juice. It makes me enjoy my vaping experience some more almost to the tendency of chain vaping like crazy. As I mentioned earlier, the company also has special deals every now and then. Go subscribe to their newsletter and get a 15% discount on all orders. I got my first batch on sale, and when I took a peek on their website earlier, I saw some sale items. They do not just carry juices, but they also offer hardware such as mods and tanks, batteries and chargers, and some accessories. I would say they give the best value out of your money. Plus, the shipping was pretty fast, and user interface on the website is very easy to navigate, too. I’m not a fan of those dark and moody feel of web pages because it gives off a heavy vibe unlike NVC’s website, it is very light and airy. The colors are vibrant and clean to the eyes. In summary, I will give the company an A rating.

Arizer Solo Vaporizer Review

The Arizer Solo is dynamic, portable, and extremely powerful vaporizer. The Canadian manufacturer infused each unit with a superior level of quality, attention to detail, and craftsmanship. As a result, the Solo produces a higher quality of vaping that is superior to the competition, which has catapulted the Solo as the premier choice for those who are on-the-move.

Artemis-Berry Cobbler by Cyclops Vapor Review


Product: Artemis

Ingredients and Packaging: Berry cobbler flavored e-juice

Cobbler: Mix dessert combining batter, biscuit, or pie crust; fruit or savory filling


  • Weight:0.30 LBS
  • Strength:0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg
  • Size:1oz, 2oz, 4oz
  • VG/PG ratio: 65%VG/35%PG


I was all set to premiere the new flavors from the traditional e-juice manufacturer Cyclops Vapor. I was a bit nervous when I reached into the drawer and pulled out the next bottle in line from them, berry- the delicious mouthful dessert.

Artemis- the name is Greek. I have checked it on their website, and yes, there is a note about it. But why and how it related to the dessert?

Here is the Cyclops Artemis flavor note:  Artemis is the protector of wild beasts. Her domain is the flowing hills and windy heights of the virgin wilderness touched only by the crisp golden rays of the sun and the purest silver light of the moon. She is the howl of the winds through the valley and the yellow glare in the eye of the lynx. Experience the majesty of the Mistress of Animals. There is something in this e-juice berry cobbler flavor that is awe-inspiring and palatial.

Combining berry and cobbler, two of the more troublesome flavors into a single mix is tricky. Berries are usually brightly colored, rounded juicy, sweet/sour, and Cobbler is a dessert that consists of fruit or savory filling poured covered with a batter, biscuit, or dumpling before being baked. That’s why, creating a well-balanced flavor profile seemed to me to be a daunting task, particularly for a vendor that has shown some real juice but hasn’t really knocked my socks off just yet.

The problem is more complex due to their individual profiles. Cobbler tends to have a cinnamony smell. Most berry flavors tend to have a floral/perfume note.

So, the combination of berry cobbler and sweet fruit can be hard to work with. Just like honey can also be quite difficult to work with. It can come off either quite harsh or excessively sweet in the hands of an unskilled mixer. Lastly, creamy notes commonly have difficulties remaining intact when subjected to the heat that high wattage, sub-O coils produce.

Nevertheless, with a freshly built sub-O coiled Helios atop my Nemesis mod, I dripped the Berry Cobbler, saturating the wick, and hoped this juice would surprise me. It exceeded my extraordinarily low expectations for this particular composition.

To say I was surprised by my first taste of this berry cobbler juice would be a huge understatement. Not only does this juice handle the higher wattage without issue, both the berry and cobbler are perfectly executed, allaying all of my fears in one fell swoop. While the first fruit in this juice may be berry, there is the touch of the floral/perfumey tone to it, and it comes off more like a berry with deep, dark fruity tones. This is offset nicely by a mild cobbler sweetness, and the thick, rich mouthfeel imparted by the cream. The whole profile smacks of a berry cream that is quite right to life. All said, of all the Cyclops flavors I’ve tasted so far, this might be my personal favorite, flavor-wise.

It’s rich, creamy, fruity, and sweet, but nowhere near the level of sweetness that comes with some fruity e-liquids. The fact that they can minimize the floral tone from the berry, and make it a good option for sub-O cloud chasers and flavor friends is just the proverbial icing.

As I mentioned earlier, I ran this one through the Nemesis topped with a Helios, built with dual 28ga kanthal coils clocking in at .4O without issue. On the ProVari/510 dripper rig, I settled into a sweet spot of 10w or 5v on a 2.5O atomizer.

Both of these set-ups provided ample flavor, with sweet, fruity and creamy notes, an abundance of vapor, and a relatively stout throat hit for such a fruit forward blend.

About Cylops Vapor:

Cyclops Vapor is one of leading e-liquid manufacturers. They provide premium E-liquids and E-juice flavors.  They curate the flavors that you have come to love, with a core focus on quality and a high level of service. Without an established standard in the e-liquid market industry, consumers are flooded with low quality, high-cost e-liquids, e-cigarette starter kits, and smoke juice.

Cyclops Vapor understands the need for more top quality ingredients and service. Cyclops Vapor was created to provide a platform that would provide e-liquid flavors that you know and love. Over the years, we have purchased from many e-liquid distributors that had broken websites, poor bottle labeling, and inconsistent flavors. Many companies use flavor naming that does not have anything to do with the flavor themselves.

Cylops Vapor aims higher to deliver a standard of vape juice that the vape community deserves. They are leading part of the e-liquid community. They love vaping, and they are helping to grow the community.

More Carefully Crafted Flavors


See All e-juices

Purchasing a Franchise in a New Franchise System: Know the Pros and Cons

Are your chances for franchise success better with a large, well-known Vape Shop Franchise than with a small Vape company that’s only recently begun to franchise its concept?

Although logic suggests that a well-established franchise with many locations would be the safest choice, brand name and number of locations doesn’t guarantee success.

At the same time, disqualifying a new franchise system for the sole reason that it is new might cause you to miss out on that perfectly-suited investment opportunity that would have been an unequivocal financial success.

Still, new franchise concepts can be risky. So, what’s the best choice for you? Let’s examine some pros and cons of purchasing an e-cig Franchise in a new franchise system.


  • First franchisees have the potential to make a lot of money on a hot new concept before saturation occurs. If you’ve done your homework in terms of research, and your entrepreneurial gut tells you it’s an opportunity too good to pass up, you may want to go for it. Glory and recognition may be yours if you get in on the ground floor of a successful new franchise system.
  • New franchisors and their corporate staff generally devote more time, attention, support and “tender-loving-care” to their first-born franchisees. The success of these franchisees is critically important to the success of the fledgling franchise company. First franchisees often feel like true partners in the development of the franchise system.In contrast, franchisee #1000 may feel like just that; another number in a long line of fellow franchisees. This franchise system could turn out to be one experiencing rapid growth that is unable to provide or keep up with the necessary support system franchisees need.
  • In a new franchise system, you can reasonably expect to gain some benefit from the availability of prime territories and locations. In a long-established system, existing franchisees may have already taken those prime locations, and you as a newcomer may not have that same opportunity. So, keep in mind that there may come a time in a mature franchise system where saturation can occur.
  • In order to encourage prospective franchisees to come on board, new franchisors typically are more flexible in terms of contract terms and fees. You and your franchise attorney may be able to negotiate a number of contract items. Down the road, subsequent franchisees may find the same franchisor to be less flexible and more restrictive.
  • A new franchise system may be a good opportunity for true entrepreneurs who love to be pioneers, and for multi-system franchise investors seeking diversification. These individuals need to be willing or able to take on a greater than normal investment risk and to be able to adapt to a new system’s changing and possibly unforeseen circumstances.
  • Being one of the first franchisees can lead to being in a position to recommend and help implement necessary franchise system changes, service in some capacity as advisor to new franchisees, and “graduating” to area developer/multi-unit franchisee.


  • Generally, more risk is involved. There is no record of proven franchise profitability. First franchisees will need to perform research in order to determine if there’s adequate demand if the product can be easily copied, and who the major competitors are.
  • You may serve — unintentional as it may be — as guinea pig until the kinks are worked out. New franchisors may be inexperienced in providing the proper support and training new franchisees to require. You need to be a realist that mistakes will be made, but hopefully, you and your franchisor can learn, benefit and prosper from them.
  • If this is your very first franchise, you may not want to learn how a franchise system works from a franchisor who is only now learning themselves. Second or third time seasoned and experienced franchisees may be better suited for this type of risk.
  • A brand new franchise system literally has no franchise history you can check out. To name a few, they’ll be little or no franchisees to contact, no report on how many franchisees have left the system, and no franchise litigation history.
  • It may be more difficult to obtain business loans/capital with an unproven franchise or franchise concept. Lenders may evaluate and deem your venture as too great a risk. Acquiring capital/loans for a business investment with a long-established, successful, quality branded franchise may be easier to come by.
  • A new franchise system will not usually possess the same brand awareness as a successful mature franchise system. It can take years for a new franchise to develop a well-known brand that helps increase sales and provides a competitive advantage.

Despite the risks, buying a Vapor Store Franchise in a new franchise system still offers advantages over starting your own business from scratch. Companies that make the decision to franchise do so in part because of their already proven and established the concept and business success. They have by this time been in business for a number of years; whether it’s two years, 10 years or more. The decision to franchise then becomes their next logical step to build upon a foundation of already considerable success.

A Comprehensive History of E-Cigarettes

Depending on how you look at it, e-cigarette history spans either decades or a few short years. While the first patent for these smokeless devices was filed in 1963, they did not officially hit the U.S. market until the late 2000’s. Why did it take so long for electronic cigarettes to gain a foothold, and what has happened since they first appeared?

1963: The first patent appears, but the market isn’t ready

Herbert A. Gilbert was the first person to conceive of a smokeless cigarette, or at least the first to file a patent for this product. Unfortunately for Gilbert, it would be half a century before the technology caught up with his vision. Gilbert was also years ahead in seeing the true dangers of tobacco-based cigarettes. Even if the technology had been available to create electronic cigarettes, at that point in time, smoking wasn’t deemed unhealthy, so it’s unlikely Gilbert would have found a market for his invention.

2003 – 2007: E-cigarette history truly begins

China was the first country to see the idea of a smokeless cigarette become a reality, thanks to the pharmacist and smoker Han Lik. Lik’s inspiration was his father, who died of lung cancer. In response to the loss, the pharmacist set out to develop a method that would allow smokers to continue inhaling nicotine without the other harmful effects associated with tobacco smoke and cigarette manufacturing chemicals.

Europe was next to adopt electronic cigarettes in 2006, and by 2007 they had become more readily available in the U.S.

2008: The World Health Organization (WHO) weighs in and the first electronic cigarette studies are performedIn September 2008, the WHO became the first major organization to state an opinion about smokeless cigarettes, but it had nothing to do with their benefits or risks. Instead, they simply banned references to electronic cigarettes as a smoking cessation aid.
Later that year the first electronic cigarette study came out of New Zealand, and it confirmed that there were no chemicals present in e-cigs which could be considered at toxic levels.

2009: Studies, legislation, and lawsuits ensue.

The majority of important events in e-cigarette history occurred in 2009, as these products gained ground as a viable smoking alternative. Within the first three months of that year, both Canada and Australia imposed bans on smokeless cigarettes, while in the United States, the FDA stepped in to stop shipments of electronic cigarettes from entering the country, claiming that the nature of these products required that they are formally registered.
April and May saw a few electronic cigarette companies begin to fight back against the FDA, filing a lawsuit and eventually banding together to form the Electronic Cigarette Association, an organization dedicated to making sure any legislation involving smokeless cigarettes remained fair and truthful.

As the summer of 2009 continued, the attacks on electronic cigarettes grew fiercer. The FDA claimed that e-cigs posed a significant health hazard and that mislabeled products increased the risk, while Oregon and California both imposed bans on smokeless cigarette sales. An Oregon attorney even filed a lawsuit against one manufacturer. He claimed, among other accusations, that the existence of flavored e-cig vapor constituted marketing nicotine products to minors.

Meanwhile, another study performed by an independent consulting firm refuted the FDA’s claims that electronic cigarettes were dangerous to users’ health.

In the winter of 2009, the state of New Jersey imposed a selective ban on electronic cigarettes, prohibiting them from being used in public. Elsewhere, the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association formed to promote smokeless cigarettes as a viable smoking alternative and support honest research while refuting the untrue claims made by the FDA and others regarding these devices.


The government health agencies began to take notice as e-cigarettes became more popular. From 2012 to 2013, the intensive study on the effects of e-cigs took place. While many research organizations started to discredit the benefit of e-cigs, experts at the World Health Organization, or WHO argued that many of the results of those studies (including WHO-commissioned ones) were rife with errors, misinterpretations, and misrepresentations.

In September 2014, research published in The New England Journal of Medicine stated that “like conventional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes may function as a ‘gateway drug’ that can prime the brain to be more receptive to harder drugs.”

Today: E-cigarette history continues to be made.

While some states may have imposed successful bans, electronic cigarettes are still able to be sold in the United States. Opponents continue to spread falsehoods about smokeless cigarettes, while consumer advocacy groups and companies work to make sure these distortions don’t rob Americans of a less-toxic smoking alternative.

For now, vapers can still buy electronic cigarettes. The FDA has yet to legislate away flavored vape juice smokeless cigarettes, so enjoy your freedom by checking out some of the best vape juice flavor options available at

Why People Fail When Switching to Vaping

Vaping is being advertised in every form of media, including television, radio and major websites. They are even beginning to pop up in major pharmacy chains and mall kiosks. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find a committed smoker who hasn’t at least heard of electronic cigarettes. Many long-term smokers would like to quit, but quitting cold turkey is a recipe for failure, nicotine replacements don’t work for everyone and prescription medication is something that many understandably would rather avoid.

So, they try electronic cigarettes with the hope that e-cigs will provide an acceptable “middle ground” for them to finally put real cigarettes down for good. Although I don’t have any statistics to back this up, casual online reading would seem to suggest that many people who try electronic cigarettes end up not switching to them permanently. Why does this happen?

Today, I’d like to take a look at what I believe are the most common reasons why people end up switching back to real cigarettes, and how you can avoid these pitfalls.

1. The Wrong Product

I got lucky when I selected Volcano as the company to purchase my first Vaping from Volcano Starter Kits- it was a happy accident. I had selected a different hardware for vaping and popular company first because I had heard of them. After selecting a starter kit and seeing the $40 shipping price that they wanted to charge, though, I changed my mind and looked for someone local.

I live in NY, and KY came up in a and cheap Starter Kit and found Kanger EVOD Starter Kit at cape vape with only $19.99 were far less expensive than the other company’s, and ships starter kits free anywhere in the United States. Not only did I spend less than half of what the other company would have charged, but I ended up with a high-quality product.

I got lucky, though — I had a lot of trouble finding a source of honest Vaping reviews online, and just wanted to find something affordable. Regardless of the product that you choose, do your research beforehand. I have read a lot of reports of people getting burned by bad products. Remember that the best electronic cigarette for you is the one that you will actually use.

2. Unrealistic Expectations

I blame the electronic cigarette manufacturers for this one. So many companies advertise their electronic cigarettes as tasting “just like the real thing,” and I have yet to find a product fitting that bill. This does nothing but set people up for disappointment. Although electronic cigarettes definitely have the ability to feel like the real thing, they aren’t going to taste like it. Cigarettes taste like the smoke of burning tobacco, while electronic cigarettes produce no smoke and burn nothing.

Therefore, they couldn’t possibly taste the same. The good news is that there are hundreds — probably even thousands — of different e-liquids out there for electronic cigarettes, and there is almost certainly something out there that you will like. In some cases, though, people dislike the taste of their first e-liquid so much that they put their electronic cigarette down and never pick it up again. That’s one of the reasons why I started this website; I taste and review as many e-liquids as

I can get my hands on so you won’t have to. If you are unfortunate enough to start out with an electronic cigarette e-liquid or cartridge that you don’t like, try another one, and keep trying until you find the right one for you. I hope that you will find this website a helpful starting point.

3. Blood Nicotine Levels

In updated February 7, 2017, CNN published an article “Where we stand now: E-cigarettes” stating that Science and policy have bounced back and forth for over a decade, as different studies produce different — and sometimes contradictory — results of vaping. Although the article did not mention the brand of electronic cigarette that was used for the study, it did mention cartridges. In my experience, cartridge-based electronic cigarettes often fail to create a significant amount of vapor. If you aren’t getting enough vapor out of your electronic cigarette, you aren’t getting enough nicotine.

If your cravings aren’t satisfied, you won’t stick with e-cigs. I am an advocate of dripping, which is putting a few drops of e-liquid directly on the electronic cigarette atomizer before taking a puff. This ensures that every puff has plenty of vapor. I prefer the Volcano Inferno electronic cigarette and the low-resistance Lava atomizer. If you would rather not carry a bottle around, try the Inferno (T) or Magma (T) instead. These products both use large tanks rather than cartridges. A single tank lasts for hours, and when you finish it, you can refill it or throw it away. Each of these products produces enough vapor to satisfy any smoker’s nicotine cravings as long as you select the right e-liquid.

4. Wrong e-Liquid Strength

A lot of electronic cigarette manufacturers suggest using a low-strength e-liquid — around the 8 mg range — if you smoke light cigarettes. Personally, I think that unless you are a very light smoker — less than half of a pack per day, for example — it can be very difficult to make the jump from real cigarettes to a 12 mg e-liquid. I suggest going with a Berry burst bigfindeal e-juice to begin with. If you happen to find it too sweet, which I think is unlikely, you can always use your electronic cigarette less often. The first few days after making the switch are the most difficult, and if your nicotine cravings are fully satisfied, you will be less likely to return to smoking.

5. Detoxification from Other Chemicals

A recent study by the Boston University School of Public Health concluded that the evidence available suggests that electronic cigarettes are safer than real ones. In a nutshell, the study stated that few of the chemicals in electronic cigarettes raise serious health concerns, containing carcinogen levels that are up to 1,000 times lower. The report also suggested that we actually know far less about the chemicals in real cigarettes.

My hypothesis is that the first few days after switching to electronic cigarettes are difficult in spite of the nicotine supplementation because, during this period, your body is detoxing from the many chemicals other than nicotine that are in real cigarettes. I have no evidence to back the hypothesis up, but it makes sense to me.

Vaping– A Hit with Celebrities

You can always tell when a new technology is hitting the mainstream when you start seeing it in all of the gossip columns. For electronic cigarettes, it seems truer. Vaping is in the news and talked about in celebrity circles more and more every day.

The fact that celebrities have started making the switch to vaping isn’t just of interest to celebrity gossip enthusiasts. It indicates a couple of things for the vaping community at large. The first is that the mainstream visibility of e-cigs is becoming a reality day after day.

The second and potentially more important thing that all of these celebrity vape sightings tell us is that perhaps – if it becomes necessary – vaping could have some powerful advocates. With electronic cigarette legislation happening on almost a weekly basis at the state and local level, it’s conceivable that e-cigs and their users could face even bigger challenges.

What’s going on actually?

Rush Limbaugh Explains, It seems Rush was asked not to smoke while at a fancy restaurant and had to inform the owner that he was actually using a water vapor cigarette and not a traditional tobacco cigarette. Rush showed him the e-cigarette and the owner agreed that this was fine.

Katherine Heigl, one of Hollywood’s most in-demand actresses and the star of the hit show “Gray’s Anatomy” appeared on the David Letterman show and talked about her smokeless cigarette usage. She even offered it to David, who also took a puff. Katherine said she has tried numerous times to smoking give up altogether and nothing has worked for her. She’s even tried the new drug Chantix to no avail. She said that she is not promoting anything and did want to encourage people to smoke however she enjoys the use of her vaping and carries it with her.

Now, let’s see who some of those potential advocates might be. We won’t be listing every celeb that’s been spotted vaping here because a few of the more publicized sightings were part of paid sponsorship deals. What you really want to know is which celebrities have actually chosen to vape as a smoking alternative.

Celebrities Vaping

Britney Spears


The Voice

After publically melting down and then bouncing back, Spears was photographed vaping on a recent vacation with her kids. Looks like switching from traditional cigarettes to e-cigs is just another of the many good decisions the former teen pop star and current X Factor judge is making these days.


Kate Moss

The supermodel

The supermodel was photographed vaping by paparazzi. For someone who famously smoked a traditional cigarette while walking the runway, this was quite a departure.



Katherine Heigl

The Actress

Heigl, a romantic comedy actress who first became known for her role on television’s Grey’s Anatomy, has been proudly vaping in public and has been documented using her electronic cigarette everywhere from cafes to Letterman. Electronic cigarette users appreciate Heigl for her unabashed public support of vaping as a smoking alternative.


Johnny Depp

The Actor

Like Heigl, Depp has been seen vaping all over the place, including the big screen in the movie The Tourist. It isn’t just his character who vapes, though. Depp himself isn’t seen out much without his e-cig these days – probably because it’s welcome in so many places! After publically melting down and then bouncing back, Spears was photographed vaping on a recent vacation with her kids. Looks like switching from traditional cigarettes to e-cigs is just another of the many good decisions the former teen pop star and current X Factor judge is making these days.


Tom Petty

The Musician

The musician and long-time smoker told Parade magazine that he had switched to e-cigs when they interviewed him. Petty has made a living with his voice for many years, so it only makes sense that he’d switch to vaping to protect that valuable asset.



Bruno Mars

The singer

Bruno Mars’ investment won’t go up in smoke — or so the pop star believes as he was signed to financially back NJOY, an e-cigarette company he began using on Mother’s Day to kick the habit.



 Leonardo DiCaprio

The Actor

DiCaprio isn’t just a fair-weather vaper. He has been spotted vaping multiple times in multiple situations. Most recently, back in May, E Online snapped a pic of DiCaprio with an electronic cigarette on the set of his upcoming film Django Unchained.


We’re sure there are plenty of other celebrity vapers out there, but these folks are the real deal, and they prove that e-cig users are in some pretty great company. Award-winning actors and musicians have seen the (non-combustion-based) light, so is it really so surprising that more and more people are switching to Using E-Cigarettes to Quit Smoking?

With the continued popularity of e-cigarettes growing like it has, it’s no wonder that Hollywood is getting into the act.

Vape Deals On The Best Vape Juice, Get In While You Can!

Bargains are hard to come across. You value quality, but when you find quality for a great deal you can’t help but feel like the deal master. Does that  sound like you? Do you vape? If a deal with value is something you’re always on the prowl for then you’ll want to hear some sensible words, and here’s why –

You’ve Never Seen A Vape Deal Like This

Vape-Box, as most of you know, provides premium e-liquid at bargain prices with one main objective; to help people become and stay tobacco free. Vape Box knows there is nothing fun about cigarettes. Which is why Vape Box are thrilled to announce some major changes that will make your experience better than ever!

They’ve poured in hours trying to create a system like nothing else out there. This is truly unique to the vape world, and created just for their VB family! So what’s the added value you ask?

Find The Best Ejuice At Your Fingertips

As you may have heard, Vape box recently released their updated flavor profile. Enter tags into your profile, and they are able to tune into your taste buds with detail, giving you more vape juice you’ll love!

Like many of you, I spend a lot of time on Pandora “liking” the music I discover and really enjoy. Imagine you could do the same with the e-liquid you absolutely love because now you can!

So when you come across that e-juice you fall in love with, all you need to do is give it an upvote! You can then expect to enjoy more e-juice flavors just like it and more frequently! Who says there is too much of a good thing? Rubbish.

Conversely, the same applies for down voting. This works by assigning points to the flavors you do and don’t like. So if you like cream, but hate vanilla, upvoting cream and down voting vanilla will change your profile accordingly. Let’s cheer for better e-juice you’re gonna fall in love with! This is amazing!

Vape Flavors You Want. When You Want

Now get this… Like Pandora, you are able to create “stations” of boxes you’d like to receive. So if you’re feeling like fruit is the e-juice flavors you’d like to get next month, no problem! They’ll send you a box full of fruity goodness that has been tailored to your preferences based on your flavor profile and what you’ve voted on. The idea is to give you even more, control over what you get in the box than ever before!

Between the flavor profile, and the new flavor voting feature, getting the e-liquid you want is down to a science! The ultimate goal of implementing all these new features is to keep the experience fun, easy, accessible, and affordable.
Another Amazing feature will surely be a favorite, as you get to “favorite” the flavors you want to see again!

Keep in mind that if you opt to include a specific flavor and brand in your next vape starter kits, there will be an additional charge as this would be viewed as a retail purchase instead of a Vape-Box.

Vape Deals For The Family

So what’s the catch to these awesome new features? Well,  Vape-Box feels compelled to stick with their vape family who helped them to grow into who they are today, and are very humble for that. Which is why current Vape-Box family members will NOT be charged anything additional for these amazing new features!

The additional cost will be somewhere near $20 per month, so no serious hike here. As I mentioned before, one of our goals is to make this experience affordable. Vape-Box hates raising rates and avoid it like the plague. However, to offer these amazing new features, Vape-Box cannot afford old rates.

So here’s the deal they’re gonna make to anyone who has yet to join the family. These new rates is now going on, and becoming a VB family member before then will lock you into the current vape box rate. Don’t worry, you’ll still get all the new features I pointed out earlier!

If there is someone you know who’s been thinking about joining the Vape-Box family, let them know about this offer so they can get in with the current rates!

Sampler Plan- $20/mo

  • at least 45ml of e-liquid
  • 3+ bottles of e-juice
  • Member-only discounts

Juice Lovers Plan-$32/mo

  • at least 75ml of e-liquid
  • 4+ bottles of e-juice
  • Member-only discounts

Enthusiast Plan- $60/mo

  • at least 75ml of e-liquid
  • 4+ bottles of e-juice
  • 1-2 hardware and/or accessories
  • Member-only discounts

What It Means To Vape-Box, And You

The credit actually goes to the Vape-Box social activities, that has made them into the premier online vape shop they are today. Vape-Box believes their family members should get everything they want, and great feedback allows them to do that!

What do you think about these new features? What else would you like to see in your Vape Box monthly subscriptions? They are always waiting and to know how we can make the experience all the sweeter!

For all the good things to come, cheers!

Live Long, vape on!