Green Blast Vape Juice By Naked 100 Review

Naked 100 is a brand created by The Schwartz E-liquid. The brand has a variety of mixed-fruit flavor e-liquids. Since its creation in 2016, the brand has produced three different lines of e-juices; the original line, the menthol line, and the tobacco line. Each line of e-juice consists of several delicious and premium-quality e-liquids. Green Blast is one of the new flavors in the Naked 100 line that offers vapers a unique experience.

Green Blast is part of the original Naked 100 line which consists of fruity e-liquids. The line includes Amazing Mango, All Melon, Lava Flow, Very Berry, and Green Blast. Each is a blend of different fruits for a unique fruity flavor. Green Blast is a blend of honeydew, kiwi, and apple flavor

Flavor Description
On the inhale, the prominent flavor in Green Blast is that of apples. You will get creamy undertones and kiwi flavor on the exhale. The vape is smooth and light. There mild creamy flavor is downright delicious. The honeydew flavor is present, but you only get hints of it. There is a nice tantalizing sweet and sour taste coming from the green apples. The flavors of the three fruits are very well balanced. The combination is perfectly balanced so that each fruit is felt at one point or another.

VG/PG Ratio
Naked Green Blast is a 70/30 VG/PG blend. You will know that this is a MAX VG blend because of its vapor production. With an RDA at 100 watts, you get very good cloud production. The type any cloud chaser will love. The e-juice has a medium level thickness. It’s best to vape using a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) or a sub-ohm tank.

The e-juice is pre-steeped from the factory. However steeping it for a few days or weeks can really improve the flavors. It is recommended to steep it if the date it was manufactured is less than two weeks ago.

Nicotine Strength
Green Blast is available with various levels of nicotine strength. You can opt for either no throat hit or a strong throat hit. The nicotine levels are 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg, and 12 mg. Green Blast does not produce any irritation in the throat or nose when you vape it. There is also no itching, burning or charring sensation. Regardless of the intensity of the throat hit chosen, the overall sensation is quite pleasurable and allows you to relish the fantastic flavors. While the green apple brings out somewhat of a tantalizing sweet and sour flavor, the kiwi offers a juicy tart –like flavor and you can also sense the sweetness of the honeydew.

Green Blast has the aroma of apples. More like a Granny Smith Apple. The bottle is made of clear glass and has a child-resistant, dropper cap.  Like all of Naked 100 e-liquids, there is a simple label on the bottle. You have all the information you would expect on an e-juice label including nicotine level, VG/PG and other relevant information.

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Green Blast is a fantastic summertime vape. The green apple flavor is dorminant, but nicely blended such that you can taste the other fruits. You get the kiwi and the honeydew in the background. It can definitely be an all-day vape if you like green apples and appreciate fruit-flavored e-liquids.

Green Blast is a great vape . You will particularly appreciate this e-juice if you’re into apples. The Naked 100 brand was started in 2016 and is behind many top-selling e-liquids on the market. All its e-juices are of premium quality and are brewed using only natural ingredients.

Michael Scott
Michael Scott

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