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Why People Fail When Switching to Vaping

Vaping is being advertised in every form of media, including television, radio and major websites. They are even beginning to pop up in major pharmacy chains and mall kiosks. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find a committed smoker who hasn’t at least heard of electronic cigarettes. Many long-term smokers would like to quit, but quitting cold turkey is a recipe for failure, nicotine replacements don’t work for everyone and prescription medication is something that many understandably would rather avoid.

So, they try electronic cigarettes with the hope that e-cigs will provide an acceptable “middle ground” for them to finally put real cigarettes down for good. Although I don’t have any statistics to back this up, casual online reading would seem to suggest that many people who try electronic cigarettes end up not switching to them permanently. Why does this happen?

Today, I’d like to take a look at what I believe are the most common reasons why people end up switching back to real cigarettes, and how you can avoid these pitfalls.

1. The Wrong Product

I got lucky when I selected Volcano as the company to purchase my first Vaping from Volcano Starter Kits- it was a happy accident. I had selected a different hardware for vaping and popular company first because I had heard of them. After selecting a starter kit and seeing the $40 shipping price that they wanted to charge, though, I changed my mind and looked for someone local.

I live in NY, and KY came up in a and cheap Starter Kit and found Kanger EVOD Starter Kit at cape vape with only $19.99 were far less expensive than the other company’s, and ships starter kits free anywhere in the United States. Not only did I spend less than half of what the other company would have charged, but I ended up with a high-quality product.

I got lucky, though — I had a lot of trouble finding a source of honest Vaping reviews online, and just wanted to find something affordable. Regardless of the product that you choose, do your research beforehand. I have read a lot of reports of people getting burned by bad products. Remember that the best electronic cigarette for you is the one that you will actually use.

2. Unrealistic Expectations

I blame the electronic cigarette manufacturers for this one. So many companies advertise their electronic cigarettes as tasting “just like the real thing,” and I have yet to find a product fitting that bill. This does nothing but set people up for disappointment. Although electronic cigarettes definitely have the ability to feel like the real thing, they aren’t going to taste like it. Cigarettes taste like the smoke of burning tobacco, while electronic cigarettes produce no smoke and burn nothing.

Therefore, they couldn’t possibly taste the same. The good news is that there are hundreds — probably even thousands — of different e-liquids out there for electronic cigarettes, and there is almost certainly something out there that you will like. In some cases, though, people dislike the taste of their first e-liquid so much that they put their electronic cigarette down and never pick it up again. That’s one of the reasons why I started this website; I taste and review as many e-liquids as

I can get my hands on so you won’t have to. If you are unfortunate enough to start out with an electronic cigarette e-liquid or cartridge that you don’t like, try another one, and keep trying until you find the right one for you. I hope that you will find this website a helpful starting point.

3. Blood Nicotine Levels

In updated February 7, 2017, CNN published an article “Where we stand now: E-cigarettes” stating that Science and policy have bounced back and forth for over a decade, as different studies produce different — and sometimes contradictory — results of vaping. Although the article did not mention the brand of electronic cigarette that was used for the study, it did mention cartridges. In my experience, cartridge-based electronic cigarettes often fail to create a significant amount of vapor. If you aren’t getting enough vapor out of your electronic cigarette, you aren’t getting enough nicotine.

If your cravings aren’t satisfied, you won’t stick with e-cigs. I am an advocate of dripping, which is putting a few drops of e-liquid directly on the electronic cigarette atomizer before taking a puff. This ensures that every puff has plenty of vapor. I prefer the Volcano Inferno electronic cigarette and the low-resistance Lava atomizer. If you would rather not carry a bottle around, try the Inferno (T) or Magma (T) instead. These products both use large tanks rather than cartridges. A single tank lasts for hours, and when you finish it, you can refill it or throw it away. Each of these products produces enough vapor to satisfy any smoker’s nicotine cravings as long as you select the right e-liquid.

4. Wrong e-Liquid Strength

A lot of electronic cigarette manufacturers suggest using a low-strength e-liquid — around the 8 mg range — if you smoke light cigarettes. Personally, I think that unless you are a very light smoker — less than half of a pack per day, for example — it can be very difficult to make the jump from real cigarettes to a 12 mg e-liquid. I suggest going with a Berry burst bigfindeal e-juice to begin with. If you happen to find it too sweet, which I think is unlikely, you can always use your electronic cigarette less often. The first few days after making the switch are the most difficult, and if your nicotine cravings are fully satisfied, you will be less likely to return to smoking.

5. Detoxification from Other Chemicals

A recent study by the Boston University School of Public Health concluded that the evidence available suggests that electronic cigarettes are safer than real ones. In a nutshell, the study stated that few of the chemicals in electronic cigarettes raise serious health concerns, containing carcinogen levels that are up to 1,000 times lower. The report also suggested that we actually know far less about the chemicals in real cigarettes.

My hypothesis is that the first few days after switching to electronic cigarettes are difficult in spite of the nicotine supplementation because, during this period, your body is detoxing from the many chemicals other than nicotine that are in real cigarettes. I have no evidence to back the hypothesis up, but it makes sense to me.