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How to Make Hash Oils for Vape Pens

How to make hash oil for vape pens is a common bone of contention amidst both new and veteran vape users. Why is this generating some much concern? Hash Oils, in recent times, have become the object of scrutiny and bad reports. This is due to the massive spread of lung diseases associated with its usage. In fact, there are cases of manufacturers tampering with the quality of the THC-containing hash oils you use for your vape pen. In addition to this, So, how can you avoid becoming a victim of these fraudulent practices without jeopardizing your love for Vapes. Well, producing your own hash oil is definitely what you need to ensure the integrity and quality of your vaping experience. Hold on! Before you explore these methods, here’s a short intro into the importance of high-quality hash oil.
Why You Need High-quality Hash Oils
Basically, hash oils are extracts of cannabis concentrated for different uses – dabbing, vaping, eaten, or smoked. These oils contain Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is also the active ingredient in other marijuana products. Since hash oils are concentrated extracts, they may contain up to 90 percent THC. Sadly, a majority of hash oils sold in today’s markets contain a large percentage of impurities and vitamin acetate, which might pose a serious risk to your lungs and other organs. Therefore, making your own vape is the best way to avoid health risks and go get the best smoke from your vape.
How to Make Hash Oil for Vape Pens
Start with the Right Marijuana Strain
Want to make hash oils for your vape pens? Well, start with the obvious marijuana. Here’s the point where you need to be careful – it’s possible to get impure marijuana strains. Therefore, try growing your own marijuana if your state legislation allows it. You can choose to use either the bud or the powdered leaves for your ingredient. Research on the best marijuana strain, and select the one you wish to grow for your hash oil.

Next, Get Vegetable Glycerin
Warning: don’t vape with non-food grade glycerin or propylene glycol. Here’s why: Food-grade propylene and glycerin are stored in safe and non-toxic containers since they absorb chemicals from containers they’re stored in.
Once again, don’t consume non-food grade glycerin and propylene glycol.

Now, Decarboxylate Your Marijuana
You need to carry our this process in order to convert the ThCA in your marijuana to THC. Although this activation occurs when marijuana is burned. However, your e-liquid may not get hot enough for this process to occur. Therefore, break up the marijuana leaves into smaller bits and dry them without burning or scorching the particles.

Create a Tincture.
Gather the Following Ingredients for this process;
5 to 7 grams of powdered decarboxylated hash or high-quality bud.
2 to 4 ounces of high proof alcohol, preferably vodka.
2 to 4 ounces of food-grade propylene glycol and glycerin
Sterile jars and canning lids.
Preferred flavor.

Fill the jar halfway with decarboxylated marijuana, add alcohol until it covers the weed. Shake vigorously.
Place the jar in a dark place for 10 to 14 days. Shake the jar at least once per day. This helps to extract THC from the weed.
Once the timeframe is complete, strain the mixture using a cheesecloth. Pour into a sterile jar, and mix with the propylene glycol to glycerin mixture of your choice. Shake for at least two minutes, and voila!

Add Flavor to the Vape Juice
Here’s the first rule for this section – Never add artificial coloring. Your preferred flavor concentrate will transform the color since it contains natural plant coloring. For your flavor concentrate, using reputable companies like will give you the best possible vaping result. To maintain the quality of your vape juice, you can avoid store-bought coloring, and use essential oil and other tinctures for your preferred flavoring.

Wrapping Up
No doubt, we’ve finally put the question – how to make hash oils for vape pens, to rest. This method leaves a little amount of alcohol in the mixture. This is not a bad thing since it helps to preserve the mixture.

Where Can I Find the Best E-juice Flavorings?

Are you an e-juice manufacturer looking for a credible source to get your e-juice flavorings? Maybe you are an enthusiastic vaper who has dabbled into the world of DIY, and you are looking for an excellent place to get the right flavors to add into your vape mixture. When making e-juice, one ingredient you cannot and should not take likely is the quality of flavors to that you will be introducing. It is important that you purchase the best if you are looking for the best.

Why Flavoring?

Using flavoring in your e-juice mixture not only gives the e-juice a distinguishing taste. Rather than just having to vape a boring mixture with only Vegetable Glycerine (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG), flavorings add color and creativity to whatever e-juice it is contained in. even more so when it is mixed properly.

Other than this, using flavoring opens you up to an economical vaping option that is always available to you anywhere. Manufacturers like flavorah have a variety of flavorings for you to choose from, so you can go straight ahead to brewing your ideal vape juice. The possibilities are endless when you use flavor extracts. The types of flavoring you may encounter varies from sweet and fruity taste to a strong tobacco taste.

How Can I Find the Best E-juice Flavorings?

How to Know the Best Vape Juice flavoring?

If you are a beginner, making a choice of the particular vape flavors to use might not be easy, especially because the vape preference of one vaper may just as well be entirely different form that of another vaper. During the course of time, you many have even tried some poor-quality vape juice flavoring that ended up messing up your entire e-juice blend. Here are some ways to make sure you always buy quality vape juice flavoring.

  • Buy from Reputable Manufacturers

One of the reasons why you should always make sure to buy your e-juice flavoring from reputable manufacturers is because of their reputation.

Flavorah is a reputable manufacturer you can trust to give you high-quality flavorings to make your DIY or commercial e-juice juice a tasty treat. They create concentrated vape juice flavorings from the ground up, and the flavor quality is wonderful. You can even place your order and get it sent to you in no time, no matter where you are.

  • The Flavoring May Have a Foul Odor

There is a possibility that if you purchase poor-quality vape juice, you will immediately know from the odor. Flavorah has an entire house of flavours, and because they are premium manufacturers, you will not be getting any foul odor from any one of their flavorings.

How Can I Find the Best E-juice Flavorings?

Do not go about assuming that all the brands that you find for sale either in online stores or on the shelves of your local vape shop all have the same quality. You may end up terribly disappointed if you do this. Since you do not really know what it is you are looking for that will distinguish a good vape juice flavor extract from an e-juice assassin, then it can be a really challenging problem. If you are an experienced manufacturer of e-juice, then this might not be so much of an issue as you probably will be able to sift between the good and bad, and even the ugly vape juice flavor extracts once you see them.


Now that you have an idea of how to know high-quality vape juice flavorings, finding it will not be so hard. If you are a fan of vaping simply for the love of exciting flavor experiences, then Flavorah vape juice flavorings are bound to satisfy you greatly. If you are a manufacturer, you even get to save some good cash and still end up with high-quality vape juice when you buy some of the bulk jugs and gallons of flavorah vape juice flavoring.

Aspire Odyssey Kit Review

The Aspire Odyssey combines two of the pioneering units from Aspire’s lineup – the Pegasus mini mod and the Triton mini tank.

Instead of going rugged and modern-looking, Aspire gave the Pegasus mini mod a rather more classic, minimalist look. While the Triton tank has either black or blue rings to add a bit of color to the solid colored device.

Talking about the mod, the Pegasus mini is a compact box mod that carries all the same features as the full sized Aspire Pegasus. It is made from 304-grade stainless steel styled with a deluxe, semi-gloss finish. It is both a variable wattage device and a temperature control device. Of note, you can’t adjust the power (wattage) when using the temperature control mode. This is not new though; in fact, only a handful of modes allow users to adjust wattage in temperature control mode, including the Joyetech eVic-VTC mini 60W and 75W mod, the Joyetech Cuboid, and the eLeaf iStick TC100W.

Its power output (wattage) ranges from 1 watt to 50 watts in increments of 0.1 watt. Its resistance ranges from 0.1 ohms to 3.0 ohms and way beyond the 1.8 ohm coil head ceiling for the Triton Mini tank coil heads.

The fire button of the Pegasus, which comes with a stainless steel bezel, is also being used for mode selection and for locking/unlocking the vaporizer. A dial can be found on top of the box mod, and this allows you to set the voltage and wattage. The mod is capable of firing up to 70 watts.

The 0.86” OLED screen is found beneath the button. This displays all the significant data including battery level, ohms, resistance, volts, and watts. The screen automatically flips depending on your hand orientation. One feature I find rad about this device is its ability to self-diagnose whenever something goes wrong. It will automatically prompt error messages like “Too Hot”, “Check Atomizer”, and “Low Resistor”.

Other safety features include Reverse Polarity Protection, Over Discharge Protection, Low Battery Warning, Short Circuit Protection, No Atomizer or High Resistance Alert, and High Temperature Protection. It also has a 12-second Cut-off Protection – a quite generous time span as a 12-second lung hit or mouth to lung hit is already long.

The Pegasus mod is a 3-click on and off mod. Since it can automatically sense the temperature control tech in coils, it can switch between modes accordingly. It also checks and displays the coil resistance. It is powered by a single external 18650 battery, which is sold separately. The firmware is not upgradeable so you can’t expect a good bump in wattage.

The Triton tank, on the other hand, is particularly designed to be compatible with the Pegasus mod. It’s a user-friendly and mess-free tank. Of note, other 510-threaded tanks can also be used to replace the Triton tank, or the Kanger Subtank Mini and Triton 2 look fine as well. The tank is made from stainless steel and glass with a removable drip tip. Its airflow control valve can be located at the base part.

The tank features a top-fill e-juice system. To refill, simply take and turn the drip top counterclockwise. Since the drip tip and top of the cap are one piece, taking this entire piece will leave you two slots for e-liquid. Remember to use the same slot to fill your tank and allow the other slot to be free from e-liquid so air can easily pass through. Ensure also that the bottom airflow slots are closed to prevent leaking.

Get the entire Aspire Odyssey kit for only AUD $79.95 at now. Colors available on the site are black and silver. The kit is packed in a black, classic-looking box. Items found inside include an Aspire Triton mini tank, a Pegasus mini mod, a 1.2 ohm Kanthal BVC coil, an Ni200 0.15 ohm coil, an extra glass tube, a user manual, and a USB cord.

A sophisticated, elegant mod definitely needs exquisite tobacco e-liquids made from high quality materials like the flavors from Black Note. Get to taste bold notes of premium tobacco flavor and minor notes of aroma and flavor from six uniquely blended flavors it offer. A 30-ml bottle will usually cost up to $45 on other sites, but you can grab them for as low as AUD $34.95 at Caktus Vape. Believe me, this jaw-dropping price is worth every penny you will spend on an e-liquid!

Smpl Juice StrawShake’N Eliquid Review

There are a lot of companies now that are making e-juices. Smpl Juice is one of these companies that are making exquisite blends. It has been in the vaping industry for over five years and still is making waves making more flavorful e-juices. The products by Smpl Juice can be checked out on their website.

There are several products that Smpl Juice has. One of their best e-juices is the StrawShake’N Eliquid. It has the real flavor of strawberry milkshake with a hint of vanilla frosting and freshly cut strawberries. This is one flavor that you will get hooked once you taste it for the first time.

Flavor Description

Once you inhale the juice of StrawShake’N Eliquid, you will right away taste the real flavor of strawberry milkshake. As the juice seeps into your mouth, you will gradually taste the vanilla frosting and the real flavor of freshly cut strawberries. It is a simple juice that tantalizes your taste buds. The scent coming from this e-liquid is pleasant to your nose. It can make your mouth water right away. What’s awesome about this e-juice is it does not have any chemical aftertaste. Your mouth will not get dry nor will you feel thirsty with this e-liquid. There is just the right amount of sweetness to the juice that all you want to do is indulge in the flavor. You will not get tired of the taste and it is perfect for your everyday vape. This e-juice is definitely a must try. You will taste the real flavor of the strawberry fruit in this e-juice.

Nicotine Strength

StrawShake’N Eliquid has three nicotine strengths. You can choose from 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine concentrations.


The vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of StrawShake’N Eliquid is 70/30. There won’t be any issues vaping from your tank or dripping it since the juice has a medium level of thickness to it.

Throat Hit

StrawShake’N Eliquid gives you a mild throat hit. You will feel a small sensation that travels at the back of your throat which is very soothing. This sensation does not irritate at all.

Vapor Production

Thick clouds are produced from StrawShake’N Eliquid. These clouds are impressive to look at. The cool thing is these linger longer in the air. You also can smell a sweet scent coming from the juice that also stays longer in the air.


StrawShake’N Eliquid has a very attractive packaging. The colors from decorating the bottle are pleasing to the eyes. These colors are dark pink, light pink and yellow. Smpl Juice company logo is very clear and is printed in front of the bottle. The flavor name is also indicated at the lower part which is also vividly printed. The bottle capacity is also clearly placed just below the flavor name. The bottle cap has been tightly locked in place so there won’t be any issues spilling the contents of the juice.


Once you get to try StrawShake’N Eliquid, you know that you are using the best. This e-juice is perfect for everyday vaping. It has the rich flavor of real strawberry milkshake with a hint of vanilla frosting and freshly sliced strawberries. It is very flavorful that all you want to do is indulge in the taste of this e-liquid. The cool thing about this product is it produces thick clouds that do not disappear right away. The mild throat hit is so soothing that you can inhale the juice without a cringe. You will love the sweet scent coming from this e-liquid and that is enough to make your mouth water. There are three nicotine levels that you can choose from this product which is really awesome. There may be a lot of other products out there that has a similar flavor with this e-liquid, but Smpl Juice has nailed it with Strawshake’N Eliquid. It has been made from exquisite ingredients which are evident in the juice’s flavor. The e-juice is very affordable that it only costs $22.00 for a 120ml bottle. You can readily order it through It is a delightful treat once you get to taste the rich flavor of this product. It is like having a refreshment from your favorite strawberry milkshake.




The Smok Alien 220W Kit Review

The Smok Alien 220W kit is the latest addition to the series of top-quality vaping products from Chinese manufacturer Smok, or Smoktech.  Since releasing the popular X Cube 2 last year, this company has been putting out new and innovative devices almost monthly, without compromising on quality. The Alien 220 kit is no exception. It offers a high-power mod with maximum output of 220W and the new Baby Beast tank, which is actually a smaller version of the highly acclaimed TFV8 Cloud Beast.

The Alien 220 kit comes in the usual Smok packaging which is a big rectangular cardboard box sealed in plastic wrap. The box contains one Alien 220W box mod, one TFV8 Baby Beast tank, two Baby Beast coil heads, a spare glass tube for the tank, a bag of spare o-rings, which are for the tank, a USB cable for the mod, and a user manual

There is no doubt that the 220W Alien box mod is the highlight of this kit. After having reviewed about a dozen Smok vaporizers over the last two years, I have no problem saying that this device is probably their best looking one yet. It measures just 85mm in height, 44mm in length and 30mm in width. The Alien is surprisingly compact for a dual-18650 battery unit. Its rounded corners, the design, along with the positioning of the vent holes, and the zinc alloy case with a matte black finish, all remind me of Vaporesso’s gaming-controller-like device. If you are a mod connoisseur, then you will probably see a bit of the Siegelei 213 and the IPV4 in the design of the Alien, as well. That said, Smok’s new flagship does indeed have quite a number of distinctive features that make it stand out from the competition.

One of these cool features is the firing bar that Smok has been using on its devices as an alternative to the classic power button. This was first introduced on the X Cube 2, and has since become a staple of Smok design, and has been used on the recently released H-Priv and the OSUB Plus. The firing bar on the Alien is seamlessly integrated into the overall design of the mod. In the previous reviews of Smok devices that I have done, regarding using the firing bar mechanism, I often brought up the issue of accidental firing, either when you were holding the device in your hand or perhaps storing it in a tight pocket. Obviously, simply locking the device would for sure prevent this from happening, but sometimes we just plain forget to do it. The firing bar on the Alien 220 requires a considerable amount of pressure to activate it, so the odds of firing the device by mistake are relatively low.

Another distinctive feature of the Alien 220W is its huge OLED screen that displays a wealth of very useful information that I have yet to see shown on other mods.

There is current wattage/temperature setting, there is the selected Smok-vaping effect (Soft, Normal, or Hard), the level of charge for each of the 18650 batteries, the real-time voltage, the resistance of the atomizer, the mode you’re using the mod in (wattage or temperature control), the amperage, the temperature of the internal motherboard , a puff counter, and even a puff timer.

There are for sure other mods out there that will give you all the above listed info available, but what makes the SMOK Alien 220 special is that it displays all of this info on the screen at the same time, instead of having you to go into the menu and check features separately.

Right under the big display, you have a micro-USB port for firmware upgrades. This cannot be used for charging, so if you are planning on getting the Alien 220 and don’t have an external battery charger, I would suggest you get of those as well.

To access the menu of the Alien 220W, simply press the firing bar three times in rapid succession. Once you are in the menu, you can cycle through the main settings by just pressing the firing bar once. To access any sub-menu, press down the firing bar for one second.

Lastly, on the top of the Alien 220W, you have a classic 510 connection which has a gold-plated positive pin. This connection is flush on the mod and it’s just deep enough for the TFV8 Baby Beast tank to screw all the way down, so you won’t have even the tiniest gap between it and the vaporizer.

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Review of Grape Pixy by Cheap eJuice

There are several e-juices that are available on the market today and Cheap eJuice is one of the best brands. The company has been making waves in the vaping industry for four years now. They have different products that are available on their website. The company’s location is at Costa Mesa, California.

One of the company’s best e-juices is the Grape Pixy. It has the real grape Pixy candy flavor which is hard to resist. The flavor simply is the best for your all day vaping.

Flavor Description

Once you inhale the Grape Pixy e-juice, you right away can taste the real candy flavor of a grape Pixy. It is a mouth watering taste that you can’t resist. As the flavor seeps into your mouth the mixed sour and sweet flavor of the grapes and the candy is just so refreshing. It is like eating a grape Pixy from your childhood. There is no chemical aftertaste with this e-liquid. All you can taste is the richness of its flavor. You will not feel thirsty nor will you have a dry mouth with this product. This is simply the best and is perfect for your everyday vape. It is one flavor that you will never get tired of. Cheap eJuice has made this product to be one of a kind.

Nicotine Strength

You are able to choose from two option of the e-juice’s nicotine strength. You are able to opt for the 3mg or the 6mg nicotine concentration. Both of these concentrations contain the rich grape Pixy flavor.


Grape Pixy e-juice has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 70vg/30pg. You will not have issues vaping with your tank or by dripping it since the juice has a medium level of thickness to it.

Throat Hit

You get a mild throat hit when you inhale the Grape Pixy e-juice. There is a small sensation that travels at the back of your throat which is not irritating at all.

Vapor Production

Grape Pixy e-juice produces thick clouds. You are able to enjoy the clouds that come out because these do not disappear right away. The scent coming from the grape Pixy flavor is s pleasant and it lingers longer in the air together with the clouds.


The Grape Pixy e-juice has been made from exquisite ingredients that have made this e-liquid so rich in its flavor. There are other products out there with a similar flavor but the Grape Pixy by Cheap eJuice is one of the best that you can get on the market today. It has a real grape Pixy candy flavor that tantalizes your taste buds. You also will be amazed at how the vapor production works for this e-liquid. The thick clouds are amazing and the best part is these clouds do not disappear right away. You will get the best value for your money because a 120ml bottle of the Grape Pixy only costs $11.99. you can order it right away at It is an e-juice that is perfect to use every day. You can get your own now and indulge in the richness of its flavor.

Review of LMC 200W TC Box Mod By Limitless


The Limitless LMC 200W is another product by Limitless and it features interchangeable plates. This mod has a sleek design with huge performance capability. The unique design of this mod makes it all the more attractive and fashionable.


The Limitless LMC 200W is 93mm by 58mm by 25mm in size. The device carries 510 spring loaded threads and has a resistance range between 0.08ohm to 5ohm. Its temperature control can support Nickel, titanium, and stainless wire. The overheat protection of this device is up to 80 degrees Celsius. You will need two 18650 batteries for this mod.

Design and Quality 

The LMC box mod is a Limitless 200W regulated device. This mod features three fire strings, and these are soft, hard and powerful. The device is powered by two 18650 batteries which you need to buy separately since they are not included upon purchase. You also know that using the device is safe because it has all the internal safety features needed. These features are reverse polarity, short circuit, and low resistance protection.

The great thing about this mod is it features the user preset modes. You can easily changes the custom wattage settings. The spring loaded 510 thread is silver plated which looks really nice on the device. It can fit a 25mm atty and you won’t see any overhang.

The mod uses strong magnetic plates that are easily interchangeable. When you mix and match the designs, there is a lot that you can come up with. These designs range from the American flag, multicolored, woodburn, and scratched metal.

You will see that the device is made of high-quality material and is a very solid mod. You also will feel that the device provides enough power for vaping.  The device all in all looks great and is really very handy.

The main features that this device have are the interchangeable magnetic plates on both sides. Limitless has chosen to design the product with metallic plates instead of cheap plastic stickers. This is really awesome because of you are sure that the design will not fall off.

Display and Menu System 

It is easy to turn on the device since you just have to press the large fire button five times. You will find the wattage and temperature settings on the left side of the device. On the right side, you will notice the current memory settings (M1, M2, and M3), the preheat settings – (PO) Powerful, Soft (SO) and Standard (ST). You also will see on this same side the resistance of the atomizer and the real-time voltage. There is a long horizontal bar underneath this information and this is the battery indicator. This device has all the important information on the home screen.

When you press the plus button on this device, you are able to scroll through memory modes while pressing on the minus button lets you change the preheat settings. If you need to change the wattage or temperature of the device, all you need to do is press the plus button until the letter M comes out. This is the time that you need to press the minus button in order to make the wattage/ temperature flash. You are now able to use the plus and minus buttons to change the power output. You can save the desired settings by pressing the fire button once. 

When you use the Limitless LMC 200W Box Mod, you will notice right away the firing has no delays. When you press the button, you will know right away that the mod is working. You get a mouthful of warm vapor using this device. You can actually experience using a very powerful mod with the LMC 200W.


The Limitless LMC 200W of Mod is a very powerful device. What’s great about it is it has been made from high-quality materials. Its design is very sleek and the metal parts look really solid. This is the one product that is really powerful and you are sure that you are using the best. There may be other products with similar features but the LMC 200W by Limitless is one of the best mods you can find on the market today. The device is also affordable since it is sold at $55.69 at


Review Of Payday E-Juice By Broke Dick

Broke Dick has different e-juices that will fit your needs. If you need to get a taste of mixed coconut drinks then the Payday e-juice is the one for you. This is another one of the company’s e-juices that definitely can satisfy your needs. Broke Dick is at Somerset Drive, Largo, FL.

Flavor Description

Payday e-juice by Broke Dick gives you the sweetness that can satisfy your palate. Initially, you get to taste the banana fosters and once the liquid sinks in you get to taste the bourbon and butterscotch. Once the juice is in your system what you can taste on your tongue is a twist of orange, cappuccino, and toasted coconut. You can almost feel like you are eating something solid that has these sweet flavors. It is great to know that Broke Dick has made these kinds of e-juices. Payday e-juice absolutely is a satisfying taste to your sweet tooth. You may think that it is so sweet you don’t want to try it again. No, you want to try it all over again because the sweetness is just right. It is not so sweet and not too bland. It’s just the right mix of these flavors that gets into your system. It is a real gem from Broke Dick and you do not want to miss out the great chance to taste its rich flavors.

Nicotine Strength

It is good to know that Broke Dick provides options for the choices in nicotine strength. Payday e-juice has three categories to choose from. You may opt for the 0mg if you do not want the juice to contain nicotine at all. For those that want to get a taste of nicotine in their e-juice, there is the option of the 3mg and 6mg. You can actually say that Broke Dick has made it convenient for all with all the choices you can get from Payday e-juice.


There are certain things that you would look in an e-juice and one of those is the ratio. It has to be the right ratio to get the best from an e-juice. Payday e-juice by Broke Dick provides you with a ratio that is 70vg/30pg.

Throat Hit

When something is inhaled, we always want it to feel smoothly in our throats. The Payday e-juice provides just the right amount of throat hit that can be tolerated when the juice is inhaled. It does not give out any itchy feel or any hurtful feelings in the throat. Broke Dick makes it best for customers.

Vapor Production

We want everything to be just the right one for our needs even with vaping. Vapor production is an essential factor in an e-juice. That is why Broke Dick has made Payday e-juice with just enough vapor production. The clouds that come out also do not disappear right away. This cheap vape juice can be very well used in showcasing what clouds can come out from the vape.


Payday e-juice is affordable. It only costs $22 for a 120ml bottle. The rich taste and all the ingredients in this e-juice is all value for your money.

It is time to try the Payday e-juice by Broke Dick and get to have the satisfying taste of toasted coconut pass through your taste buds. You do not have to look for anything else since the Payday e-juice already has it all to best fit your needs.

Broke Dick really knows how to make the best cheap vape products for you. There are a lot of e-juices that can be bought but his product is one of a kind. It gives you the satisfaction from the flavors itself and the nicotine strength can be chosen from three categories. Its ratio is perfect and so is its vapor production which is quite challenging if you are selling e-juices. Get some and experience the joys of vaping with Payday e-juice.


Lavabox M DNA 75W Starter Kit Review

The Lavabox M DNA Starter Kit comes with everything you need to start vaping immediately when  you get your hands on the package, including an 18650 high-drain battery and a 15ml bottle of your chosen e-liquid.

The Lavabox M DNA vape kit is made up of the DNA 75 Box Mod and the Metropolis Sub Ohm Tank by Atom Vapes.

The Lavabox M DNA 75 Box Mod

This mod is a less powerful version of the Lavabox M DNA 200 Box Mod which can produce up to 200W. The M DNA 75 has a wattage output range of 1W to 75W. This is enough wattage even for advanced vapers.

The mod, which is made of superior quality aluminum alloy, comes with the Evolv DNA 75 chipset for accurate temperate control. It has a dimension of 85mm by 43.8mm by 26.6mm and is coated with a rubberized shell. The mod is solid but does not weigh much. It feels like something that would last for sometime. The M DNA 75 can fit any atomizer with a 22mm diameter without any overhang. You can use a 25mm atomizer if you can bear with a little overhang on the front.

Unlike the M DNA 200 Mod which comes with an inbuilt lithium-ion polymer batter, the M DNA 75 runs on a single 18650 battery. As stated above, this starter kit includes a high-drain 18650 battery. The Lavabox M DNA 75 has an interchangeable magnetic door which is made of propylene plastic. This makes it very easy to change the battery. The device comes with a USB cable for charging the mod and also upgrading its firmware. To upgrade the firmware of the M DNA 75 and change the mod’s settings, you need to download and install the Evolv’s Escribe app on your computer.

On top of the mod you will find a threaded 510 connection with a brass spring-loaded pin. On the front of the mod is a 0.91 inch OLED screen which sits behind a tinted glass cover. When the screen is off, the blacked out appearance of the display matches with the rest of the mod nicely. There is a firing button above the screen and two buttons below it to change the settings. The Lavabox M DNA Mod is compatible with stainless steel, titanium, and nickel coils. It can vape as low as 0.2 ohms in wattage mode and up to 0.15 ohms in temperature control mode. The mod is available in black and red color. You can also buy an additional rubberized cover for the battery section. The cover is available in white, blue, red, and black.

Metropolis Sub Ohm Tank by Atom Vapes

The Metropolis tank is made of stainless steel and Pyrex glass. It has a dimension of 52mm by 22mm and has a 510 thread below for attaching it to a mod. It is clear when you look at the Metropolis tank that a lot of attention was paid to how it would appear when it was being developed.

Atom Vapes coated the inner metals that come in contact with the tank with either gold or silver. The version of the Metropolis that comes with the Lavabox M DNA Starter Kit is coated with gold. This is a bottom fill tank. To add e-liquid, you have to remove the tank from the mod and take off the bottom cap. It can hold up to 4ml of e-juice. This is more than enough e-liquid to keep you vaping for a couple of hours.

The Atom Metropolis tank has large adjustable airflow channels. This means that you can control how much clouds you produce after each hit. The tank works with the 0.3 ohms Atom Vapes Clapton coils, which are gold-plated.

The Lavabox M DNA 75 Starter Kit is available on the Volcano E-Cigs web store for $199.99. You have the option of selecting any Volcano e-juice of your choice. Volcano E-Cigs produces e-juices in many flavors. The nicotine concentration in the company’s e-liquids ranges from 0mg to 24mg.

Smok TFV12 Cloud Beast King Review

The TFV12 Cloud Beast King from Smok is everything that it has been described as. This monster atomizer will have you blowing lots of thick clouds like never before.

If you are a cloud chaser, you need the TFV12 Cloud Beast King in your collection. According to Smok, this atomizer was made with the largest and most advanced coil heads in the vaping industry today.

The TFV12 looks like a bigger and more powerful version of the Smok TFV8 Cloud Beast. It is made of stainless steel and it has a dimension of 70mm by 27mm. At its base, the TFV12 has a diameter of 25mm. Therefore, it can fit most of the latest mods easily. There is a threaded 510 pin underneath the atomizer for attaching it to a mod. The tank has a total weight of 91g.

The Smok TTFV12 Cloud Beast King costs about $24.95. You can get this tank from any major online vape shop. The tank is available in a variety of colors including gold, stainless steel, rainbow, and black.

The Smok TFV12 Cloud Beast King comes with three mega coils. It is pre-installed with a V12-T12 duo-decuple 0.12ohm coil head which supports a wattage range of 60W to 350W. The package also includes a V12-X4 quadruple 0.15ohm coil head with a wattage range of 60W to 220W. The third coil head is a V12-Q4 quadruple 0.15ohm coil which has a wattage range of 60W to 190W.

You can get other Smok coil heads for the Cloud Beast besides the ones included in the package. The atomizer can work with the V12-T8 and the V12-T6 (which were both released with the Cloud Beast) as well as the V12 RBA-T and the V12 RBA.

There is an RBA Edition of the TFV12 Cloud Beast King that comes with the V12 RBA and the V12 RBA-T. It also comes with a silicone single coil adapter in the package that allows you to use a single coil setup.

To change the coil of the Cloud Beast King, you simply need to unscrew the top cap and remove the glass; then you can unscrew the coil.

The Smok TFV12 is fitted with a large Delrin drip tip which can be removed. A drip tip adapter is included in the package to allow you use any standard 510 drip tip. You can also opt to buy glass a glass or resin drip tip from Smok for this atomizer.

The Cloud Beast King has a tank with a capacity of 6ml, which can hold enough e-juice for you to take several hits before thinking about refilling. There is no leaking from its tank and it’s very simple to refill it. To fill the tank, you simply need to remove the drip tip and slide the top cap to the side to reveal a filling hole. There is an extra glass in the package in case you damage one.

To support its massive cloud production, the Smok TFV12 Cloud Beast King comes with large, adjustable airflow slots at its bottom area. You can choose to open the air slots wide open or shut it up and still enjoy vaping with his atomizer.

The Smok TFV12 is one of the top atomizers on the market currently. It is said to be resistant to high-temperature which you can expect if you are vaping at high wattages. This atomizer is also said to be designed to prevent any explosion.

The Cloud Beast King will impress anyone who is interested in cloud-chasing. It will not only get you lots of vapor, but you will also get the maximum flavor from your e-liquid.