Benefits of Making Your Own Vape Juice

As the vaping industry grows, the choice of vape liquids and equipment have also seen growth. There currenctly is a very large catalog of juices with different nicotine concentrations, flavor combinations and juice consistency on the market. This different choices makes it sometimes make it hard to choose the right e liquid. Whether you are a new or experienced vaper, you might feel the need or want to try something that can be more personal and made just for you. This can only be achieved by if you make your own vape juice. Making your own vape liquid means combining all ingredients and flavor concentrates together to get the very best juice that you can vape day in day out no matter the occasion and time.

Here are some advantages of making your own vape juice

  • The juice is specially made to suit you

This is arguably the main reason and also most important advantage of making your own vape juice. Although there are many juices on the market which cover many different flavors, with making your own vape juice you can combine a variety of flavor concentrates to create a unique flavor that suits you and your taste bud. You can combine small or large amounts or fruitiness, sweetness or creaminess or omit totally if you so prefer.

  • It allows you to control the nicotine content in the juice.

Many people like juices that do not contain nicotine but prefer certain flavor combination. There are some times that it is not possible to get the flavor combination you prefer ready-made just because the ones available contain nicotine which you are avoiding. This is what makes diy vape juices so great. You can choose to add or omit nicotine to your vape juices. Also, you can choose the nicotine concentration that suits you, you can choose to go with no nicotine or as high as 30mg (not very common in premixed juices) of nicotine if you so wish.

  • Flexibility in choosing Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol ratio

The ratio of propylene glycol and Vegetable glycerin are fixed for many vape juice brands and some do not prefer to go for a certain ratio for reasons best known to them. This does not become an issue when you make your own vape juice. With DIY vape liquids, you are able to control the VG/PG ratio to suit yourself, if you are a big fan out producing huge clouds when vaping, you might choose to increase vegetable glycerin and decrease propylene glycol. If you are also concerned that you might clog your wick if your juice is too thick, you might choose to balance the ratio.

  • Save yourself some money

When you choose to make your own vape juice, you are able to buy the ingredients in bulk and save yourself some money. By buying things like flavor concentrates in bulk or even as a single product from online shops like, you are able to create multiple juices with different flavors with just a little amount of money.

  • You do not easily get vapers tongue

Vapers tongue is the phenomenon where you vape the same flavors over a period of time to the extent your tongue gets so used to it that you can no longer taste the flavor and thus do not enjoy the flavor anymore. By making your own ejuice, you can mix up different flavors and add different flavor combinations. Flavor concentrate shops like offers flavor concentrate packs with different flavor concentrates. Purchasing from the site get you this advantage.

Making your own vape juice has many advantages than highlighted above, I will therefore encourage all vapers to try making their own vape juice.

Michael Scott
Michael Scott

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