Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer Review

Extreme Q 4.0 is one of those digital vaporizers that everyone should see. Why? Only because its one of the best and when you see how much they’re selling for, you just might be compelled to pick one up for yourself. Beyond having a good price, they’re also one of the most versatile systems. The more expensive viVape 2 is the only other desktop vape that I’ve used which can do both the bags as well as the whips.

That’s something that not even the Volcano vaporizers can pull off, at least not yet. Being able to switch between filling vapor balloons and pumping vapor through the whip is an excellent option that more vaporizers should adopt. The vaporizer bag system that it uses isn’t the most sophisticated or elaborate, but it gets the job done. A simple Extreme Q mod involving the application of a simple hose clamp can take the bag system to the next level by preventing vapor from leaking out of the bag while it’s not in use.

While all it takes is a finger over the hole to keep it shut, this modification makes it that much more convenient and puts it on a level with the viVape and Volcano. Honestly, though, the Volcano vaporizers have the best valve systems and are the premiere bag vaporizers in my opinion. The viVape 2 has a valve in play so it’s a little bit nicer than the Q, but the higher cost has me leaning more in the direction of the Q for the most part.

The Dynamics of a Multi-Functional Vaporizer

Simply put, the Arizer EQ allows you to choose your experience. This unit allows you to experience its thick, luscious, and flavorful vapor in any of the following ways:

  • Whippet and enjoy your vapor through the Direct Draw method with the included long 3′ Whip.

  • The Forced Air Assisted Whip method offers you lungs a day off. Through this approach, the EQ’s fan generates and delivers flavorful vapor through the included Long 3′ Tube.

  • Forced Air Balloon Deliver doesn’t just blow hot air. By attaching the Balloon component, you simply have to sit back while the Extreme Q’s fan automatically fills the balloon with the vapor of your favorite aromatic blend. Once the balloon full, just detach the balloon and enjoy your vapor.

Loaded with Features

The Extreme Q is all about options. You can manage the functions through the remote that comes with the vaporizer or by changing the settings on the digital display located on the unit. Instead of having preset temperatures, you can adjust the temperature in one-degree increments, ranging anywhere from 122°F to 500°F. (50°C through 260°C) As an added safety feature, if you forget to turn your Extreme Q off, the user-set the automatic shut-off feature allows you to control how long you want your vaporizer to stay on after being idle.

Ready to Rock Out of the Box

The Extreme Q utilizes the state-of-the-art ceramic heating element to deliver an energy efficient vaporizing experience. Best of all, it only uses glass-on-glass parts that provide you with the cleanest and smoothest vapor.

What’s in the Box

  • Extreme Q Vaporizer (Latest Model)
  • Remote Control
  • 2x Glass Cyclone Bowls with Flat Screens
  • Pre-Attached Long Whip for Direct Draw
    – 3′ Whip Tubing
    – Glass Whip Mouthpiece
    – Glass Elbow Adapter with Dome Screen
  • Pre-Attached Mini Whip for Balloon
    – 3″ Whip Tubing
    – Glass Elbow Adapter with Dome Screen
  • Balloon Assembly (One Pre-Assembled)
    – 2x Balloons
    – 2x Glass Balloon Mouthpieces
    – 2x O-Rings
  • Glass Stir Tool
  • Screen Pack
    – Flat Screen
    – Dome Screen
  • Glass Whip Mouthpiece
  • Glass Potpourri Dish with Potpourri Sample
  • 110/220V Power Supply
  • User Manual

Additional Convenience

Extreme Q 4.0 By ArizerAnother aspect which makes these Extreme Vaporizers that much more convenient is the remote control that every one of them comes with. The remote lets you change the temperature, turn the whole thing off and on, adjust the fan, and some other things. Something else that’s definitely convenient is the ability to turn the sound on and off. The beeping noise that it makes became annoying to me after a while and so I was glad to know that I could turn it off. I also stumbled across the ability to switch the temperature mode from Celsius to Fahrenheit, which made it easier to use. An extra long whip is also available for those who want to kick back with the whip and vape, but it’s too long, so you have to cut it down to a more appropriate size. If you turn the fan on, the longer whip does work alright but I’ve found the regular length whip to work best.

Buying Extreme Q

Arizers Extreme Q vaporizer is one that I highly recommend. The company behind the unit doesn’t just make one of the best digital vaporizers for the desktop, they also make one of the best portable vaporizers. These Canadian fellas know how to design a good vape and get the cost down to something reasonable. For the most bang for your buck out of any vaping system I’ve used, buy the Extreme Q. You can buy it online from this store which happens to be one of my favorite vape shop on the internet.

BUY IT NOW for only $199.95!

Michael Scott
Michael Scott

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